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Ali Mohammed

Who are you?

My name is Abdibasid Ali Mohamed. I am specializing in human behavior at the Manchester Metropolitan University. When I discovered how beautifully we as humans are created and our potential, I promised myself that I will dedicate my life to serving humanity in becoming aware of how unique and amazing each one of us is.


Your Professional background?

For many years I have worked to raise awareness on the importance of mental health nationally and internationally. My experience extends from working to prevent juvenile crime and with family counseling. I also have long experience as integration adviser for newly arrived refugees to Norway. What drives me most in my profession is empowering my clients and to witness their personal evolution. As a psychotherapist, I tailor various therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and NLP. I have a holistic approach to my therapy.


Why do you want to be a role model in Digna?

I got to know Digna AS via those who have started the company, they have already before Digna as started up a Facebook page to encourage both refugees and immigrants to integrate faster in Norwegian society. I was fascinated by the work they did for the environment. 


One day I was asked by Abdimaalik if I could get involved as a role model in their platform, and I did not hesitate for a second.
What I like about Digna as and the people behind the company is that they work with people who really need help in understanding a society and that in creating a sustainable society where everyone participates properly, they provide different public information in different languages.


What have you done with Digna?

Mental health is a big topic on a comprehensive topic that is taboo and that most people do not talk about, so I filmed several videos for Digna as where I talk about depression, stress, emotional intelligence, etc. My advantage about joining Digna as a role model is that I can help more people understand mental health and that there are people who have the same background as the users who can help them.

Videoer av Abdibasid

Psykisk helse - somalisk

Psykisk helse - norsk

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